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Naughty Graphics

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[22 Nov 2005|09:50pm]

If you have anyone in particular you want me to make icons of (i'm not doing specific requests for people - just possibly some ideas for who to do batch icons of), please list them here -- if possible, give me links to where I can get pics of them XD thanks dollfaces
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[22 Nov 2005|02:49pm]


if you don't friend us - you won't be able to see the graphics as all posts will be friends only due to the content

[x]comment on whatever you're taking
[x]credit is required to either tabbys_kat or naughtygraphics

Currently seeking graphics makers to join me here at naughtygraphics -- comment here with at least five examples or mail me at funkehshoes@hotmail.co.uk with your examples and lj username ^_-
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